Day 185

Upon leaving the library

Every other time I tried to take a  picture of this building I tried from the library parking lot. In each of those cases I either cropped off the top of the building, or somehow got a shot that was out of focus. I attribute those problems to trying to take a picture whilst dodging cars in the busy lot. Today I pulled out of the lot, parked on the street, and took the picture from the sidewalk. I should do that more often…when a sidewalk is available.


Why do so many people think that government should be run like a business? Government is not a business. In the most basic sense, a business exists to make a profit for its owner(s), a government does not. A government exists to protect its citizens, a business does not. The mission statements are completely different.

Where was I going with this? I guess I was wending my way around to stating that while a business person could run the country, so could a school teacher, or a soccer coach, or a fireman. As long as the person chosen to lead remembers the concept of what the government is supposed to do, and the leader works to maintain that goal, then anyone can lead the country…even a politician. When I say leader, I mean not just the members of the executive branch, but also legislators. I crammed a broad sweep into one word.


Clabber Girl Baking Powder popped into my mind. I know my mom always had some in the kitchen cabinet. I wouldn’t know how to use it. But I decided to google Clabber Girl. I found out that the company grew out of Hulman & Company, founded in Terre Haute, Indiana. The company also owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I didn’t know that about Clabber Girl until today. The things you learn.