Day 179

Not a shag rug on the landing

Cindy has left for the day, so Marlon’s excitement is over until she comes home this evening. He won’t lay there all day, he’ll move from spot to spot and lay for a while, eventually ending in my favorite chair in the music room…unless I turn on the music and then he’ll move to my chair in the family room. In the morning, when Cindy is getting ready for work in the master bath, he positions himself on my side of the bed (whether I’m in it or not) to keep an eye on her.


I had a dream last night/this morning that I remember. That doesn’t happen very often, so I told Cindy about it over my first cup of coffee this morning. Since it was memorable, I’ll put it in today’s post before it fades away. I know you are eager to read about it.

I was looking for a job (so you know it was a dream) and took a day job that I had heard about. I don’t remember what I was doing, but the employer was impressed enough that he offered me another day’s work. In England (I’m guessing England because of all of the Olympics hoopla). So, the employer flew me and a bunch of other people to England on his private jet to do some day labor. I was assigned to work on the set of a television studio where they were recording some cheesy, black & white 50’s type of show (probably because the last thing I watched last night was an episode of The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Richard Greene). Comes the end of the day and we all find out that we aren’t being paid, and we have to find our own way back to the U.S. We all start running through the streets of this dingy English city, trying to get to the airport before the last plane for the states leaves. Whilst running I realize that I have no money, and that my passport is back in Indiana. How, oh how, will I get home? We arrive at the airport and are running through cramped hallways, trying to get to the plane when coming the other way I see my friend Susan Clark (I haven’t seen her in real life for more years than I have fingers). She is still working for DWD and is there on business (again we know it is a dream because DWD would never send a no-political appointee on a trip out of the country). She is there with her new partner, an African-American gentleman whose name I forget as soon as she introduces us. She calms me down and tells me that she will see that I get back to the states. Thanks, Susan. That’s when I woke up. So, I know where elements of the dream came from, but I don’t know what it means. I do know that is doesn’t mean that I want a job.

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