Day 177

Of course that’s where I wanted to drive

I was in a bit of a rush looking for a picture this morning. I wanted to get home before the anticipated heavy thunderstorm that was supposed to come. It didn’t happen. I was rushing because Marlon doesn’t handle thunderstorms well. In fact, Trina left tranquilizers for him in case of storms. We could have used the rain, but we didn’t get any, and the tranquilizer wasn’t used. Marlon slept most of the morning on his own. He just came upstairs to find me so I would let him out. He wanted to make a deposit in the back yard.


I was watching an old episode of I Spy from 1966 while I ate lunch today. While watching it struck me that so few of the cast members were still alive. A quick google showed me that of the twelve people with speaking parts, only two were still alive, Bill Cosby and Antoinette Bower. Two of the three credited screenwriters have also passed away, only Jack Turley still lives. Also alive is the director Richard Sarafian. I know I was in college when that episode first aired, and a lot of time has passed, but i still makes me feel old. At least is was shot in color. If it had been in black and white I would really feel old…like I feel when I watch old episodes of Burke’s Law.


I saw a commercial on television this morning that made me shiver, as in it made my skin crawl. In the commercial there is a smiling man who cheerfully proclaims that he has been using a catheter for fifteen years and now has a type that he can carry around in his pocket to use whenever he needs to. I understand the need for self-catheterization, but the idea of advertising on TV bothers me. I used to be bothered by the ads for laxatives and feminine care products; more because there were so many of them and they seemed to be on during dinnertime, than because I was offended. I hope I don’t get used to being upset by commercials. It means I am either thinking about society and where we stand today, or that I am just a crotchety old man…or both.

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