Day 176

Old Crow

I chose this photo for today’s post because I knew I would never be able to recreate it. The crow just happened to be where I had parked in order to take a different picture. It stayed long enough for me to get this shot, but flew away before I could get a second chance. When I parked it was cawing at a couple of dogs in the doggie park.

I took two other pictures that were also post-worthy, but I can go back and take them again. The crow was a one time opportunity. Drat these self-imposed rules I’ve made for myself! I’ll post the other two on Facebook soon.


The County fair is going on this week. When I was growing up in La Porte County I didn’t attend the County Fair very often. Dad was usually off work due to the factory inventory conducted at Allis Chalmers, where he worked. So, we used that time to take a family vacation. We would load up the car and take off for two weeks, travelling by day, stopping to see whatever sights seemed appealing, and spending the night in a motel. That’s how I learned to take a vacation. Anything else seems a pale imitation.

I remember one year when we headed south, rather than east or west. In those days I preferred eating hamburgers, but could be coaxed into trying other things. One night in Louisiana I tried something, I don’t remember what, but it came with a side of rice and gravy. I loved it! That’s also the night I found out that my mom didn’t like rice, and that was why I had never eaten it before, and never did again as long as I lived with my parents. Cindy and I eat it often.

 We’ll be going to Las Vegas in about a month. We’ll fly, we’ll stay there for a week. It’s a pale imitation of a vacation.