Day 174

Not the photo I wanted to use

I wanted to use a photo of the house next to this one. However, when I got home and took a close look at that picture I found out that I had not framed the house in the picture correctly. I had cut off the bottom of the house. While you can’t see the roof of the house in this picture, you do have a green leafy tree you can look at, and imagine the roof behind it.


In Day 90’s post I mentioned that I watch an episode of The West Wing every Saturday morning. Today I treated myself and watched three episodes from season two while Cindy slept. Two of the episodes had commentary by Aaron Sorkin, the creator and writer; Thomas Schlamme, director; actors Bradley Whitford, Janel Moloney and Martin Sheen. I had watched those two episodes without commentary on previous Saturdays. I enjoyed listening to the commentary, and especially enjoyed listening to them laugh at lines they must have heard or spoken many times. The writing and acting are just that good.

I have been watching The Newsroom, Sorkin’s latest television series on HBO. I like it. I don’t like it as much as The West Wing, but it is good. I’m hoping that it will get better as it comes along. So far I’ve only seen three of the four episodes that have aired. I’ve seen good reviews and bad reviews. Today I saw an article on the web that said that much of the writing staff had been fired, and won’t be back for the second season. I was happy to see that a second season is planned.


Cindy and I will be dog sitting again. Marlon is arriving this evening and will be spending some time with us. Expect at least one photo of him in the next few days. He is quite the photogenic spaniel. Posing for pictures seems to come naturally to him. Or maybe I’m just so fond of him that he seems that way to me.