Day 173

A hazy day in the country

I don’t have a concept for today’s post. Usually I can find something that has happened to me or around me in the past few days, or something that I’ve read or listened to, or even a story from my past. Today? Nothing.

My emotions are telling me that I should put down a reaction to the killings in Aurora, Colorado. Maybe I should, but my mind is telling me that it is too soon to form a logical argument about anything that happened there this morning. Except for one thing. I’m going to be judgemental and say that parents should not allow a six-year-old to attend a midnight showing of a PG-13 rated movie. What are they thinking? I can almost forgive the fact that there was a 3 month old child was there…almost, but not really. As a result of the lack of parenting skills, those two children were shot.

Rather than go on, I’m cutting today’s post short.