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More construction in Lafayette

I’m not sure what is being built here, but it is in an area that has a lot of medical buildings. Could it be more?

Speaking of medical I took this picture on my way home from the appointment I had with Dr. Moon, the chap who removed my toe. Nothing but good news there this morning. I have been cleared to take full showers, no more keeping one leg out of the water. I can get in the swimming pool. We know who will be vacuuming the pool the rest of the summer. I can go for long walks…in this heat? I’ll start with shorter walks and rebuild my stamina. And I don’t go back for another check until late September. Quite Excellent!

Here is some  health news: I heard on the news the other day about a medical study that probably didn’t have to be conducted. The study showed a positive correlation between the amount of time a young child watches television and the size of their waistline, and a decrease in leg strength. I am astounded. I would be willing to bet that the same type of correlation could be found in the teen and the adult population. Luckily the study was done in Canada, so U.S. taxpayers didn’t pay for it.

Finally on the health front: Maely is going into the hospital tomorrow to have her tonsils removed and have some work done on her sinuses. She is eager to have it done because her older sister had the same surgery a few weeks ago. I was upset when I heard about it, but then reasoned that the doctor wouldn’t do the surgery on the whim of a six-year old.he must need to have it done. I’m pretty sure she won’t be as happy about getting it done when they start sticking needles into her, and even less when she wakes up in recovery. I’ll be there when she goes in, but I’m not sure I want to be there when she comes out.