Life in the country

This was another good morning to find pictures to take. I chose to use this one out of the half a dozen I took. The others will eventually turn up on Facebook, or in a book I will never see published (or finished, for that matter).


I was listening to the Allman Brothers Band this morning and started thinking about the music I have been downloading this year. I once heard that older people tend to listen to “Best of” and “Greatest Hits” albums more than other people. It shows a lack of willingness to experiment with music. That may be true. I started going back in my mind over the past six months or so and realized that I have downloaded at least five “Best of” or “Greatest Hits” albums. There was the aforementioned Allman Brothers Band as well as Electric Light Orchestra, America, Midori, and Dire Straits. On the other hand, I downloaded a double album of contemporary music titled eMusic Pitchfork Music Festival: 2012 Sampler, as well as the NPR Free July Sampler. Neither contained much music that suited my taste, but you don’t know until you try it. I will admit that both of these albums were free downloads, so it wasn’t as if I were spending money on a whim, but I have been known to do just that. It is how I came to listen to and like groups like Gomez and Widespread Panic. You have to take a chance now and then. 

By the way, I do recognize the difference between “Best of” and “Greatest Hits.” I just wish the recording industry paid more attention. If they did you would never find things like Come On a-My House on a “Best of” Rosemary Clooney album…”Greatest Hits” probably, but never “Best of.” Record sales do not make a song either good, better, or best. I mean, really!