Day 169

Near Mary Lou Donuts

I stopped by the donut shop to pick up some tasty treats for Mason and his cousin Jordan. It started me thinking about the shop, and my memory. I was trying to remember if it had been a Spudsnut shop when I was in college, but I wasn’t sure if my memory was faulty. I decided to google Spudsnut Lafayette Indiana.  Surprisingly I found a number of mentions of a Spudsnut museum here in Lafayette. Imagine my surprise. I found one website that claimed the museum was being run out of the home of a professor at Purdue (Purdue lists her as a Continuing Lecturer), but when I tried to find more information on this museum I found nothing except a blog titled Spudsnut Museum that had been around at least 5 years. I’m sorry to say that the blog had no posts and no comments. It doesn’t seem right. Yes, I did try the old-fashioned way and looked in the literal telephone book. There was no listing in neither the white nor yellow pages.

In case you have never tasted Spudnuts, they are doughnuts made with potatoes in the flour mixture. I used to frequent the Spudsnut shop in Bloomington when I was a student there. They are great, but the franchise dwindled to almost nothing.


When I went to the library this morning I noticed two couples. The first couple was in the parking lot when I pulled in. The young woman strode out of the library carrying a stack of books. She made me think of the term “School Marm.” She was wearing a plain blue calf-length skirt, a plain beige blouse buttoned at the throat, sensible brown shoes, she had her hair in a bun and wore tortoise-shell glasses. She got in the passenger side of a mini-van. Then I noticed a young man standing under a tree. He hung up on his cell phone and got in the driver’s seat of the mini-van. He was wearing a dirty Bud Lite t-shirt, a worn pair of jeans ripped at the knee, a Cubs baseball cap, he was unshaven and looked as if he had just come off a weekend bender. Opposites do attract.

The second couple was inside the museum. They looked to be college age. He was looking through the fiction section. I heard her whine, “Why do want another one? You already have two big books.” He stopped looking, tiredly said, “OK.” and walked to the checkout counter. The sex must be great.