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The creek is drying up

We need rain!


Here’s something I forgot to mention in my ramblings about yesterday’s eye exam: I will be returning in a couple of months. It seems that like most people after my cataract surgery I started to develop “healing tissue” from the surgery. I am pretty sure that “healing tissue” is a phrase the doctor uses in place of the more common “scar tissue.” As in, “You have developed healing tissue because we don’t want you to think that we caused scarring inside your eye.” Healing is word that most people prefer to scarring. I could be wrong, and they are different types of tissue, but I am a cynic and it sounds like obfuscation to me.

At any rate, the result is that my vision is almost as bad as it was with the cataracts. I’ll be going back in October to have a laser burn a hole through the “healing tissue” and thus bring brightness back to my world. I’ll be happy to be able to read again without straining. I’m told that the laser treatment is permanent. I’m waiting, rather than having it done next week, so that I’ll be on Medicare. Every dollar counts.


This morning, while out getting my photo, I was listening to Atlanta Rhythm Section’s Underdog album. When people talk about Southern Rock bands they usually mention Lynard Skynard and The Allman Brothers, but ARS is the first group that comes to my mind. Some of the group members had been part of The Classics IV, thus their cover of the song Spooky. I probably first became aware of them as a group worth listening to whenImaginary Lover became a hit. I still like to listen to the music they recorded in the late 1970’s.

Before I went out this morning I turned on The Kingston Trio’s album Once Upon A Time. Cindy was listening with me and noted that it had to be an old album based on the patter between songs. Of course she was right, this was a live album recorded in 1966. There were a lot of cultural references that sound odd today. They joked about Sam Yorty, Carol Doda, Freddy Ball (I will admit to not remembering that reference), and meter maids. The one that caught Cindy’s attention was a joke about a cat eating LSD laced sugar cubes. Cindy said they couldn’t tell that joke today because the animal rights people would be offended. I thought they couldn’t tell it because they were making light about an illegal drug. She is probably right and I am probably wrong. Nothing new there.