In Stockwell, IN

I saw this gazebo while driving through Stockwell on the way to Maely’s T-ball game. It was in a pretty enough setting to go back and take a picture. Maely’s brother, Mason, would probably like Stockwell because there have ben ghost sightings there. According to one website there is a ghost train that occasionally passes through town. The train carries the ghosts of civil war rebel ghosts. They were killed when the train derailed in Stockwell. Spooky!

According to the same website there are also ghosts in Mason’s home town. The site didn’t mention any specific ghosts, just that statues have been known to turn around, and that there are strange sounds in the night. Standard stuff.

I thought it said something that one of the entities that had an ad on the website was for a drug rehabilitation company. Is there a connection? Maybe Syfy channel will check into it.


There was a segment on Morning Joe this morning about how the obesity problem in the U.S. is affecting the military. It seems that more than 25% of young people between the ages of 17 and 24 are too overweight to serve. In addition, many are discharged from the military during the first year for being overweight.

Then one of the panelists mentioned that when he was visiting a base in Afghanistan he noted that there were U.S. fast food franchises on the base. What is wrong with this picture?

I was going to put in a section saying that when I was stationed in Germany I loved eating the local food, some healthy, some not. Then I thought a bit and remembered that I was not in a war zone and that while some of the local people didn’t want us there, many did. The situation was different, and besides, younger people don’t like to hear codgers like me whine about how this new generation doesn’t understand the way things should be. Sometimes I catch myself in time.