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I wonder what they are building

Business is evidently bad enough that the parking lot can be sacrificed for a new building. Just a few hundred feet away is a practically empty strip mall. It seems like the idea of a Purdue grad…abandon the old and exalt the new.


There are days when I feel like I’m an early riser who married in to a family of late sleepers. Today is one of those days. I don’t mind if Cindy sleeps in, because I can always go to whichever floor of the building she is not inhabiting. There I can watch television or listen to music without fear of disturbing her. However, when someone else stays over I am pretty much confined to one or two rooms, and I feel like I have to keep the volume down. Mason came home with Cindy late last night, and brought along his cousin Jordan. They are both good kids, but Cindy slept on the couch so she wouldn’t wake me up when she came in (it didn’t work, I woke up when they came in the house), and Mason and Jordan took the guest room.

I escaped the house for a while this morning so I could buy the paper and doughnuts, as well as take today’s photo, but I had to return or risk running out of gas. I went back to the bedroom, closing the door so I could have a modicum of privacy. There I stayed until Cindy got up about 90 minutes later. I’m holed up in our office right now because Jordan is still asleep in the guest room and Mason has taken over the family room. Oh, Cindy left for Illinois, so the boys are now my responsibility. Cindy wants me to have him vacuum the pool, which means I would have to be outside in the heat overseeing his work. Right!


I caught part of a morning show segment on a fellow who collects and sells political campaign buttons. I never started collecting those materials (see Cindy, I have some restraint) though I do have a bumper sticker displayed in our office that says “LBJ FOR THE USA.” The segment reminded me of when I was in high school and had to go campaign headquarters to get those materials for government and history classes. I didn’t mind going at all since I was a minor political junkie. Now I’m a minor political junkie in only one sense of the word.