Day 159

This house seems familiar, but…

I know I have never seen this house before, because it is on a street in Romney that I have never been on before. When I saw it from the street this morning it made me think of my home town of Rolling Prairie, but the photo doesn’t give me that same feeling. The photo does make me think of Shepardsville and other small towns around Clinton.


“It is a four song drive to Linden.” I came up with that phrase while riding to Linden in Cindy’s car yesterday evening. Cindy likes to listen to books on tape or cd while driving. Since they put me to sleep, I take my MP3 player along, set on random shuffle, as always. The first song I heard on our way to Linden was Home  by Karla Bonoff. I first noticed her music when Linda Ronstadt recorded three of her songs on the Hasten Down The Wind album. That is one of my favorite Ronstadt albums. Then I noticed that Bonnie Raitt had recorded the Bonoff song Home. I decided I should hear her own recordings of the music, but didn’t get around to buying an album until about three years ago. I am a fan.

The Wedding Song by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary. It is a beautiful song that Paul wrote for Peter’s wedding. Cindy loves it as well, and it was sung at our wedding.

Next was Lola by the Kinks. This has to be the first, and I guess only, song I have heard about a transvestite. I had heard about cross dressers, had read in Playboy that  it was a just a simple kink (pun intended). The song would lose a lot of it’s charm for me if I believed it was about a transgender. Simple is better for me…it’s the way I think.

The fourth song was  L.A. Woman by the Doors. I have been a Doors fan since Light My Fire was released as a single in 1967. I bought album L.A. Woman while I was stationed in Germany in 1971. Jim Morrison died shortly after it was released, and about two months before I came home from the army. I don’t listen to the album without flashing on the barracks where I was stationed, or casern,where I was stationed in Heidelberg.

The trip home from Linden was a five song trip, but I’m not going to go into those songs today. I will say that three of the five songs were like Home in that they were had the 70’s Southern California music vibe.