Knee high? CHECK!

The corn is more than knee high, but it could stand more rain. It could stand a lot more rain. Still, I won’t be hoping for rain today. Happy Independence Day!


Let me make a minor clarification to yesterday’s post. When I spoke of the season being right for The Kingston Trio, I meant the John Stewart version of the trio. That probably doesn’t mean anything to most who read this blog, but it seems to me that the Stewart trio music goes better with hot summer days while the Guard trio feels better evenings and nights. I don’t know why that is; probably something to do with when I first heard the albums…yes, I’m strange when it comes to music…and so many other things.


Today is another great day for The Kingston Trio, but I’ve been torn between listening to them and Bonnie Raitt’s Slipstream album. I downloaded it last night because yesterday, and only yesterday, it was available on Amazon for only ninety-nine cents. I would have missed that deal if I didn’t follow her on Facebook. I’m listening to the album as I compose, and I’m liking it a lot. I had The Kingston Trio on in the car when I went out to take a photo of the corn field. Before that I listened to The New Frontier album while sipping my first cup of coffee this morning. I’m sure I’ll have them on again later today.


I was out whipping weeds and cutting back mulberry trees that are in our fence. My goodness but it is hot and humid! I’m doing some brats on the grill later and I’m glad they won’t take long. Tonight I’ll listen to the neighbors try to start fires with their fireworks. I feel sorry for the neighborhood dogs.