Day 153

Art in the neighborhood

This is just part of the mural on the overpass. It stretches under the bridge and around, with more art on the other side of the street. I believe this was a student art project.


I went through the McDonald’s drive through this morning to get a cup of coffee. Let me clarify that statement. I started through the McDonald’s drive through this morning to get a cup of coffee, but pulled out of line before  ordering. The McDonald’s I was at had two lanes for ordering. I pulled in to the lane that had fewer cars, just as anyone else would do. I stayed in that lane and watched two cars that had been behind me use the other lane,m order, pay, and I assume get their order while I waited to move my car forward just one spot. It never happened. I could see the woman in the lead car talking to someone, not the person taking the orders, all the while gesturing with her hands and pointing at the pictures on the drive through menu. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t using sign language, because if that was her language of choice, she should not be using a drive through to order. I pulled out of the line and drove to a different McDonald’s a few miles away. I was in and out of there quickly.

That experience did remind me of a time when I was driving back to Auburn from the south side of Ft. Wayne. I was sitting at a stop light and noticed that when the light turned green, the woman driving the car ahead of me was carrying on a conversation with her passenger using sign language. I backed off from her car, not so much because she was using both hands, she wasn’t, but because she was looking at her passenger waiting for a response. I didn’t want to be behind her when the conversation became so interesting that she stopped looking at the road completely.