Day 152

Rural Indiana

It is something of a tradeoff; you don’t have to buy a lawn mower, but then, you have to be wary of cow pies when playing flag football in the front yard.


I spent some time this morning deciding if I was going to listen to Hot Tuna or The Alan Parsons Project. The Project won. Like ELO, I don’t listen to The Project often, but I enjoy their music when I hear it. Hot Tuna, specifically Jack Cassady and Jorma Kaukonen playing acoustically, are a relatively new group in my playlist. I’ll write more about them at a later date. The Alan Parsons Project started recording in the mid 70’s, and I first heard them a few years later.

I was introduced to The Project by John, a friend of mine when I lived in Auburn. John also started me listening to Randy Newman and Jerry Jeff Walker. Jerry Jeff is now a staple in my musical diet, and Randy Newman can be an occasional side dish that adds to the quality of the overall meal. I’m starting to get hungry.

I haven’t kept in touch with John, but he pops into my mind every once in a while. John once asked me to do a favor for him. He was, at that time, a juvenile probation officer who, while a county employee, served at the pleasure of a judge. The favor John asked of me was to go on a blind date with the judge’s daughter. I had sworn off blind dates many years before, but since it was John who asked me, and John implied his job security was tied to his success in finding a date for the lady, I said yes…as long as John and his girlfriend doubled with us.

Came the night of the date John and his girlfriend (later his wife) pulled up to my apartment. When I got in the car I found that they had already picked up my date. After exchanging names the first thing she asked me was, “Do you like children?” I pondered a moment and said, “It depends on whose they are.” She then told me she couldn’t have children and that was the cause of her divorce which led to her mental breakdown. If my eyes had been lasers, John would have holes burned into the back of his head at that moment. The things we do for our friends.