Day 151

A promise unkept

What does the caption to today’s photo mean? Well, I promised myself that I would start walking around this artificial pond every decent day, but I have yet to set foot on the path. This is the closest I’ve come; I took a picture of part of the path and pond, not to mention the big rock and some of the trees. Maybe I shall start when mom goes back to St. John. I’ve used many excuses, such as it is too hot, it is too cold, my back gets tired when I wear my rocker sole shoes, they took away my toe, I can’t spend that much time away from mom or Marlon, I have to compose my blog post, etc. So maybe next week, after the 4th and my dental appointment on the 5th, and anything else I can think of.


So far interaction with mom has been pretty uneventful today. Cindy took the broken hearing aid and popped it back together last night. It seems to be working now. Mom has a case for each one that we put them in at night. I’m told that the batteries recharge in the case overnight. When they are recharging, or whatever it is they are doing, they chirp like mechanical crickets. It is a good thing they aren’t mine because, unlike real crickets, they would keep me awake…except if they were mine I wouldn’t hear the chirping when they weren’t in my ears. It’s all good.


I’ve mentioned many times that I watch Morning Joe almost every morning. What I haven’t mentioned is that no matter how interesting the topic of conversation may be, I find myself reading the news blurbs that are crawled across the bottom of the screen. Sometimes they are very informative and I find myself googling for further information. I am not saying I plan to do further research on these three that caught my attention this morning:

1) A Cambridge study found that husbands who help with the household chores are happier. My thoughts…happier than what? Happier than those who are attacked by rabid raccoons?

2) Lab tests have concluded that there was marijuana, not bath salts, in the bloodstream of a Florida man who was chewing the face of another man. My thoughts…uncontrollable case of the munchies.

3) The tiger that once belonged to Michael Jackson has been diagnosed as having lung cancer. My thoughts…second-hand smoke? Are they easing his passing with massive doses of Jesus Juice?


Enjoy Thursday and the really hot weather.