Day 150

Almost hidden in the trees is a beautiful Victorian(?) house

I love this house and what they have done with the landscape. It is another example of a house we could never afford, and in which Cindy would never consent to live. Besides, I doubt if it has a finished basement.


Today is Mom’s first full day of visiting. We are already off to an eventful start. I came downstairs for my second cup of coffee, and to make a second pot, and found mom up and reading. I was glad I had put on clothes and wasn’t just wearing skivvies as I normally do. I followed my sister’s orders and prepared to give mom her first two pills of the day. She told me that she didn’t need both of them because one was a water pill and since she was going to eat watermelon at noon she didn’t need the water pill. I agreed that she didn’t need to take the water pill but I wasn’t sure that either of the first two pills were a water pill. I asked her how she knew, and she said because the water pill is a little round pill. I looked down at the pill bottles and noted that four different types were little round pills. When I mentioned that to mom she just gave me a sheepish grin. I told her that I would check the pills out on the Internet and be back in about five minutes.

In the meantime Cindy came into the room, looked at the array of pill bottles and told us that one of the pills in the next round of swallowing was the water pill. Cindy should know, her own mother, Flo, takes between two and three times the number of daily doses of different pills as my mother takes. I believed Cindy, but decided to check out the pills anyway. What are the Republicans always quoting Reagan as saying? “Trust, but verify,” I believe. It turns out the pill my mom wanted to skip was for people who have had a heart valve replacement. I fed it to her along with her morning Tylenol.

I decided to google what each her pills were for in case I was ever quizzed on the matter. As I was entering one of the meds, coreg, Google suggested that I was entering, and wanted to read about, Coregasm. Hmm, was coreg a shorter version of coregasm? After starting to read about coregasm I quickly decided it was something my mother had probably never experienced, nor did I want to think about her experiencing it. You can look it up yourself, but from what little I read it has something to do with sexual stimulation a woman can experience while doing an ab workout. My mom is in her 90’s, I don’t think she even wants a pill to help her with that.

Then I remembered that I hadn’t helped her put in her hearing aids, so I got them, and with a little visual imaging as to how they went in the ear, and a lot of trying to get her hair out of the way of the ear canal, I put in the aid for the right ear. Then I picked up the aid for the left ear. It looked as if the part that went in the ear canal was pointed slightly askew, so I tried to move it gently into alignment. That is when the hearing aid broke into two pieces. So, putting a positive spin on it in my mind, I decided that while we didn’t want a broken hearing aid, it would temporarily solve the problem of mom not being able to hear people on the telephone while wearing her hearing aid. Now if I can only convince her to hold her cell phone to her left ear.

And we aren’t even close to noon.