Day 149

Semi-rural America on another sunny day

I think that tomorrow I’ll go back into the residential area of Lafayette to find my photo. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of structures that are painted shades of white and beige lately. I’m ready for a bit of a change.


The sharp-eyed among you probably noticed that Sunday’s and Monday’s posts were both titled Day 147. I just caught on to that this morning, so I’ve edited yesterday’s post title so that it is now Day 148. Just some truth in labelling for you. I also changed it so there would be no further confusion in the space/time continuum.


We went to watch Maely’s first T-ball tournament game yesterday evening. It was fun. I took along my new video recorder to try it on a subject other than Marlon. I am still learning how to use it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the most riveting part of the game, when Maely tripped on the pitching rubber while running, and buried her face in the pitcher’s mound. I was proud of Trina and Cindy for not running onto the field, and equally proud of Maely’s coach in helping her get through the trauma she probably felt…pain as well as embarrassment. The coach is also teaching them good sportsmanship and that the ends don’t always justify the means. He is really good with the kids. I hope all of the parents appreciate him and what he does.

Of course all of this leads up to the fact that Maely’s team lost last night, and that there will not be a second tournament game to go to. For me, that is just as well because I’ll be here with Mom. Getting her to go to a T-ball game that is being played in another county would be a difficult sell. Still, I would have enjoyed another opportunity to play with the video recorder. Does that make me sound like the typical grandfather?