Day 148

Who needs a warehouse?

And here we have WalMart on a Monday morning in the summer. I was not buying garden stuff, but rather food stuff. I picked up the last of the groceries (I hope) for my mother’s visit. Who am I kidding? Cindy and/or I will remember something after she gets here. It always happens that way.


Installing the pool ladder has turned into a bloggable event. We have an above-ground pool, and since we live in the midwest the ladder is removed and stored in our shed through the winter. Removing the ladder allows us to more easily cover the pool. The ladder is secured by 2 four-inch carriage bolts. each year when I remove the ladder I loosely twist on a nut on each bolt and so leave it the bolts attached to the ladder. Last year when I removed the ladder I only found one nut for the two bolts; no big deal. When I took the ladder out of the shed this year, my one remaining nut was missing…do rats eat galvanized nuts…or could it be a squirrel with steel teeth (I watched Moonraker the other night so you probably know where that image came from). I decided to put the ladder in and secure it with two new nuts later.

Before I got around to securing the ladder, I removed it from the pool to make waterproofing the deck easier. Twenty-four hours after applying the waterproofing I went to reinstall the ladder. Imagine my surprise when both of the bolts were gone. I looked on the ground where the ladder had been laying, but couldn’t find the carriage bolts. Pesky steel toothed squirrel!

I went to Menard’s this morning to buy two new carriage bolts and four nuts. While at Menard’s I realized that I didn’t know what size carriage bolt I needed, so after looking at their selection I decided that the 3/8″ bol;ts looked the right size, so I bought them. Of course when I got home and went to install the ladder, the bolts didn’t fit in the holes in the ladder. They were too large.

I decided to eat lunch before going out for the right size bolts. I was embarrassed to go back to Menard’s, so I went to Henry Poor Lumber which is actually closer to our home. The kindly clerk took me to the carriage bolts and found some that were 5/16″ and four in. long. These had to be the right size, so I purchased them along with the proper size nuts and washers. I came back home and went to install the ladder. Wrong size. Still too large. Tomorrow I’m going to Von Tobel Lumber to see if they have 1/4″ by 4 in. That has to be the right size…right?