Day 147

A quiet Sunday morning

You have no idea how tempted I was to skip posting anything today. If I hadn’t taken this photo and two others this morning, I might have missed my first post since I started on this blog. Could I have lived with myself if I had missed blogging today. Frankly, yes. My life priorities aren’t such that I think blogging is so important. And yet, having added this structure to my life, it is important. I have pretty much given up writing letters to people because I seldom get a response. (I can’t keep the postal service in business by myself.) This is one form of communications that gets to an audience, even if it isn’t necessarily my targeted group.


While I was out getting the paper this morning I had a cd of Miles Davis playing. It was music that has been around for more than fifty years. One of the songs, Solar, was the first Miles Davis songs that I remember hearing. That happened when I was a student, and I use the term loosely, at IU, either in 1967 or 1968. I remember that I was up late, working on a paper. The paper was probably due the following morning because that was the kind of student I was. I was listening to a campus radio station that was playing jazz. On came Solar and for some reason I remembered it was by Miles Davis, though I didn’t remember the name of the album. It was a number of years before I found the album, Walkin’, and bought it. I found and purchased the cs version two or three years ago. I read somewhere that the tune was based on the chords to How High The Moon, and now when I listen to the song I hear that. I didn’t hear it until after I read about it. My ear isn’t all that great. I am surprised that I had that memory this morning because I first heard the song late at night in a dorm room, yet today I was driving my car on a hot sunny morning. Still, for a little while I was back in Bloomington in the sixties.

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