Day 146

I hope the photo speaks for itself

I couldn’t think of a caption, so feel free to make up your own. My first thought was to zoom in on the rubble, because that is what caught my attention initially. I found, however, that when I zoomed in I lost too much of the bridge, the weeds, and the bad road. They are all part of the total picture, so I left it as is.


It occurred to me last night that when I became an adult I had thought that one of the benefits of not being a child was that you could eat and drink whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. Now I know better. So many people are on restricted diets that my original supposition is wrong. Granted, you don’t have to abide by your restricted diet, but since most of us want to live long lives, the mature people stick to their diet. My idea was wrong for the most part, but a small tweak makes me believe that many of us upon reaching adulthood can say that it means we no longer have to eat what we don’t like. I can live with that difference.


Flo has been having more medical problems since she saw the doctor yesterday. Specifically she has been experiencing a lot of pain. To shorten the story, Cindy took her to the emergency room today and after a number of hours Flo went home with a prescription for stronger pain meds.It is a relief that it wasn’t something worse. It reminded me, however, of just about every trip that Flo has taken when I was driving. Each time she¬†gets in the car I say to her, “Watch your head.” **THUNK** “Ow, that hurt.” I’ve driven Flo to appointments a few times in the past six months, and each time it is, “Watch your head.” **THUNK** She seems to be developing a sense of humor about it because yesterday When we were leaving for the doctor’s office I said, “Watch your head.” **THUNK** and she said, “It’s good that I don’t have much up there.” Yep, she is developing a sense of humor, but I wish she would develop an avoidance reflex.