Day 145

Don’t you love ramshackle structures?

Do you ever wonder why a structure like this one is allowed to fall into disrepair? What is the story behind it? Did the farmer sell the land and the new owner have no use for the building? Was the farm lost to the bank? Is it cheaper to build a new structure than to repair the old? I don’t know. I do know that the old wooden buildings speak to me when the newer metal buildings seem cold and lifeless. Yes, in this respect I am a romantic. So sue me.


Today’s mail brought my hospital bill. After looking it over and appreciating the fact that Cindy’s group insurance paid more than 90% of the total, I got on the phone to talk to the hospital group’s customer service department. I made arrangements to make monthly payments rather than the “on receipt” that was stated on th bill. The person I talked to, Hilda, was very pleasant and didn’t ask to hear my hard luck story, she just got on her computer and accepted the payment plan I suggested. That was wonderful. Than you, Franciscan St. Elizabeth! With the plan I arranged we should have the local anesthetic paid off in time for Thanksgiving. OK, that isn’t really accurate, but it helps me to think that Cindy and I are paying for the anesthetic, the pathological lab work and “other diagnostic services” in full and that the insurance picked up everything else. It is easier for me to picture it that way, and not give in to despair.


Cindy and stopped to have lunch today after taking her mother, Flo, to an appointment with a nephrologist. While we were waiting for our food to arrive Cindy was scanning the room for people she knew, but my attention was caught by a couple a couple of tables away from us. I would guess they were about our age and seemed to having as lively, yet friendly discussion. As I eavesdropped I realized that they were discussing Jesus’ parable of the sower and the three types of soil. The man seemed excited because, as he put it, he had never understood the parable before, but the meaning just came clear to him in a flash. I have no comment on that, but the incident struck me as a little strange. It seemed strange because they were discussing a bible parable in a room where the bar took up between 1/4 and 1/3 of the room. I wonder if the environment had anything to do with his revelation.