Day 144

This house is for sale, but I’m pretty sure we can’t afford it.

The only reason I even noticed this house was for sale is that Cindy wants to move. Well, she doesn’t want the physical act of moving, but she is acting like she is tired of our house, or maybe that the house is tiring her. I’m not sure, but I think we have lived in our house longer than anyplace else Cindy has been. If so, it may be that her subconscious memories are cueing her to move. Or perhaps she is looking at houses because some of her friends have recently moved or plan to move. Cindy likes to keep up with the Joneses. When her friends buy new vehicles, she wants to buy one as well, usually the same make and model as the vehicles her friends’ buy. Oh, the other reason we wouldn’t want the pictured house is that Cindy wants a ranch style house…with city water. I would insist on a house with a finished basement…and not in a flood plain. Since Cindy doesn’t want steps up or down, that would make the basement my man-cave. I could live with that.

My mother will be coming to stay with us next Tuesday. I don’t know yet if she will be with us for a week or two. She will be welcome. For some reason she seems to think that I have lost my ability to function since I got out of the hospital. She calls me every few days to ask if I’m having any problems walking…I don’t. She was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to give her the proper medication at the proper time even though I have never had a problem doing it before. There are times when I want to remind her that I didn’t have brain surgery. I can’t say that to my mother because she doesn’t recognize sarcasm. It’s almost like being back at work.