City, country and parts in between

This is not the photo I planned on using today, but it is the one that turned out best. I liked the blend of tractor trailers with the ramshackle building backed by the city water tower. If I had panned more to the left I could probably have caught part of the fire house as well.


Something unforseen happened today. I went with Cindy to take Flo to a doctor’s appointment, and nothing happened that warranted a blog post. If you’ve read earlier posts, you know that I can always get a few hundred words out of one of our field trips, but not today. Maybe it was because Cindy was along for the trip, or maybe it was because she has more medications now than she had in the past. No matter her appointment as well as the trip there and back were uneventful.


 Maely and Emma, both six years old, spent the night with us a few days ago. They were left alone with me one morning, and it stretched into the afternoon. Around 11 a.m. they came to me and Maely asked if they could have some ice cream. Being the bad grandparent, I said no. Maely then asked if they could have a popsicle. I saw no harm in that, so I went to the freezer to get them each a popsicle. Of course they both followed me. Maely asked for a pink one, but since we had none I gave her an orange one. She was satisfied. I asked what color Emma wanted. She whispered her answer to Maely who told me that Emma didn’t like the kind of popsicle I had given Maely, so I looked in the freezer and found a star-shaped popsicle and gave it to Emma. Well, of course, Maely then told me she wanted a popsicle like Emma’s. That was a problem because Emma got the last one. Maely, being Maely, then said she didn’t want any popsicle and walked off. Emma went back into the house and I followed. I sat down to watch television when I heard a drawer open in the kitchen. I looked in and saw Emma throwing the popsicle in the trash. She said she didn’t like it. I went into the kitchen and dug the popsicle out of the trash and put it into the sink so it wouldn’t melt in the drawer. It would have been easier to tell them they couldn’t have a popsicle either.


What is it with people who walk in the street when there are sidewalks available? For that matter, why do people walk on streets and roads with the traffic rather than facing it? And then what is it with the people who ride bicycles facing traffic rather than going with the traffic? I don’t understand any of them. Is that a factor of my age? Just wondering.