Day 141

Someone, with money, should turn this building into artists’ studios.

I don’t have money, so it is easy for me to suggest a future use for this building. My guess is that in a few years it will be torn down. I consider that a waste, but who am I?


While out searching for a photo this morning I listened to another of my recently rediscovered cassette tapes. This one was labelled, Variety #10, and listed the contents. I must have been having a good day when I made the tape because the contents seemed right for today. Among the songs I listened to were Dire Straights’ Money For Nothing, Old & In the Way’s Midnight Moonlight, and The Ramsey Lewis Trio’s Love Theme from Spartacus. Excellent selections all.

I was not a big fan of Dire Straights, but Money For Nothing, their paean to MTV, caught my attention when I saw the music video. I had heard Sultans Of Swing and thought it was a fine song so when Showtime broadcast one of their concerts many years ago, I made a video tape of it. I hope that I still have the tape squirreled away somewhere so that I can transfer the concert to DVD.

If you are one of the few people who have never heard of Old & In The Way, they were what many people, including me, considered a bluegrass supergroup. The band consisted of David Grisman on mandolin, Vassar Clements on fiddle, Peter Rowan played guitar as well as being lead vocalist and wrote a lot of the songs they recorded, Jerry Garcia (yes, that Jerry Garcia) played the banjo, and John Kahn played bass.

Finally, Love Theme from Spartacus comes from The In Crowd album. I remember that when the album was released there were music critics who claimed that the trio didn’t really play jazz and argued that if it was jazz, the title tune would never have made it to Top Forty radio. Not the most logical argument that I’ve ever heard.

A quote for today: “Bad officials are elected by citizens who do not vote.” George Nathan