Day 140

Another barn…aren’t you surprised?

I never get tired of taking pictures of barns. I hope I never do, because if I do, it will mean I’ve tired of the simple beauties in life.

When I ran the spelling/grammar check on the above paragraph, I got the suggestion that I should change tired to tried. Who programmed the checker, prison inmates?

I’m not sure what has been going on the past couple of days, but I have spent part of each day being in a foul mood. At first I wanted to blame other people for ticking me off, but then I kicked a shoe in my bedroom and said, “Dammit” out loud for no good reason. It was at that moment that I figured out the problem was mine, and not with other people. That was also when I decided I should probably not be interacting with others until I could see things in a clearer light.

It made me stop to think about what was going on that I should be feeling this way. Dr. Kitley would be proud of me. I have ben trying to be upbeat about the problems with my toe, and I think I have succeeded in large part, but there are times when I feel sorry for myself and the fact that I can’t yet do everything I would like to do. I want to get into our pool to vacuum it, but I can’t until everything on my toe stump has healed over completely. That means I have to depend on Cindy’s and Mason’s help. First Diana and Steve opened the pool for me, and now others have to help keep it clean. I do not like being dependent on others…but I am grateful that people care enough to help.

Today’s music: Ian Tyson’s cowboy music from his I Outgrew the Wagon and Lost Herd albums. Very good stuff!