Day 139

A peaceful afternoon, though hot

I’ll tell you about this photo later in the post.


Yesterday I got a haircut. It was cut by a very nice young woman. She started coming to our house to do Cindy’s hair, and it grew to doing Cindy’s hair, the hair of three or four of Cindy’s friends, and occasionally she cuts my hair. She does a great job when she cuts my hair. At one point yesterday, one of Cindy’s friends said, “Aren’t you glad you don’t have to mess with your hair, yu don’t have to get it styled?” I told her that I didn’t get it styled by choice. That exchange reminded me of a haircut that I did not get back in 1972. When I got out of the army in 1971 I started going to a barber shop in the mall in Michigan City. I don’t recall why I started going there, but it happened that there was a barber in that shop who did an excellent job cutting my hair. Because he was good, and the cost was reasonable I kept going there. One day early in 1972 I went to get a haircut, and my favorite barber was not there; he had taken the day off due to some emergency. Another barber in the shop was handling all of my barber’s appointments, so when my turn came I sat in his chair. I told him I wanted a medium trim, hair out of my eyes, cut square across the back. That is the way I liked my hair. The barber asked, “Would you like to get it styled instead today?” I told him no, that I wanted a medium trim, hair out of my eyes, cut square across the back. He asked again if I wanted to try having it styled and I reiterated how I wanted it cut. Then he asked, “Why? Are you afraid to get it styled?” At that point I got out of the chair, removed the protective sheet, and told him I wouldn’t be back.


Cindy and I wanted to go watch Maely play ball yesterday evening. First we had to go to downtown Lafayette to pick up a check that was owed to JR. Once we picked it up, Cindy decided to cross the river and catch 231 South in West Lafayette. We did so and started south. If you’ve been in this area recently, you know that there has been a lot of road construction on 231. Yesterday was no exception. We came to an intersection that neither of us recognized, so we continued southward. To our surprise, we had gone from 231 to South River Road. Rather than turn around, we proceeded south until we came to the first bridge that crossed back to the east side of the Wabash River. We stayed on that county road until we came to the town of West Point. From there, things went down hill. We crossed 25, and continued south on another county road. Like many roads, it was a winding road. We were trying to cut across country until we made it back to 231. We turned off of one road after another when they changed direction. Finally we stayed on one road, even after it went from paved to gravel. There was a lot of pretty scenery on this drive (I went back today and took the picture at the top of this post). Eventually, after a few more twists in the road, we came to a place that I recognized. I knew Cindy would be disappointed, but I told her we were headed towards 231. What I didn’t tell her at the time was that after a half hour or more of driving around we were catching 231 only a few miles south of where we left it. It was too late to go to the game, so we went to JR and Trina’s house to drop off the check. We brought Maely home with us.


I learned three things from Maely on the drive home last night. 1) If she were a plant she would want to be a flower because they come back after they have died. 2) It is safer to be home than in school if there is an earthquake. If you are at school during an earthquake they make you crawl under a table, but if the roof collapses it will smash down on the table and kill you. And my favorite; 3) you don’t go to the bathroom in heaven because there are no toilets in there.

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