Day 138


I often wonder why anyone would let a house like this fall into such a state of disrepair. Is this another example of our “throw away” society?


I received a new credit card in the mail a few days ago. It was a replacement card because the expiration date on the old card was about a month from now. I went ahead and activated the new card, and then realized that the mortgage payment on our time share was made by way of an automatic withdrawal from that card. The form that came with the new card said I should contact the people who received the payment and let them know the new expiration date. I wasn’t sure how to contact them, but I decided the first step was to see exactly who the payment went to. I pulled out last month’s billing statement from the credit card company and found a toll-free telephone number for the company that handles the payments. I called the number around 9 a.m. but got a recording saying that they weren’t open. It seems they are located in Arizona and would not open for another half hour. I waited until I knew they were open and called again. The young man who answered my call explained that I needed to call the resort and notify them of the credit card change. So I called the resort in Las Vegas and got through after being on hold a few minutes (I’m glad I called relatively early). The young woman who answered my call told me that I needed to talk to the company I originally called, but that I needed to call their office in Seattle. She gave me the number, and I called. Once again I was only on hold a few minutes. This time I had the right office. The woman who spoke with me took my information, made the changes in the computer file, and bd me adieu. After relating these details I am still wondering why the first guy I called did not know that his company handled the change, and why the Arizona number was on the billing statement instead of the Seattle number.


Here is a pet peeve of mine. Why is it that when I am driving on a county road, often exceeding the speed limit by 5 to 10 mph, someone, usually in a pickup truck, gets on my tail and stays there. They seldom pass, even when there is a clear passing zone and I slow down. Is the problem with me, or with them? Perhaps they just enjoy looking in my rear window at the back of my head. It is quite a remarkable head when I think about it.