Day 137

More shiny things

Yesterday and today I have been listening to another of my “mystery tapes” while in the car. It turns out that this one is a mix tape with cuts that span about 4 decades of Dave Brubeck’s music. About half of the tape includes music from the classic quartet; Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Joe Morello, and Eugene Wright. While he has had other fine groups, I’ll always consider this one the gold standard. The first Brubeck album, the first  jazz album I bought was Countdown: Time In Outer Space. I bought that the summer before I started college at IU. That year I also went to a Quartet concert at IU with my sister and brother-in-law. I saw him again two years later, again at IU, with Gerry Mulligan sitting in for Paul Desmond. Then, in 2009, Cindy and I saw him perform at Purdue. For me his music never grow old.

Yesterday a friend asked on Facebook for ideas of music to add to her iPod. She is a real life friend, not a digital friend, so I commented that I would choose The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Jazz Impressions Of Japan, in part because I had been listening to cuts from that album, but also because it is a great album, one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure she won’t take that advice, but I felt that I had to offer it. I enjoy introducing friends to music they might not hear of their own accord.

My tasks for today are to start waterproofing the deck. I’ve completed about a third of the outside deck. The sunshine and heat drove me inside. The other chore I set for myself was to reorganize my file cabinets. They seem to have gotten out of hand over the past two years. I used to know where everything was filed, but that is no longer true. Also, I need to get rid of owner’s manuals for items we no longer have or no longer use. Then I need to set up new file folders for equipment we have purchased in the past two years. This should keep me busy for a week or two, or longer.