Day 136

Caterpillar from the SEE

I chose this angle because I had never looked at the plant from this perspective before. That and it looked all shiny and white. The shiny parts don’t look so shiny in the photo.


I seldom write about my dreams because I seldom remember dreaming. This morning was different because I woke up remembering a dream. I grabbed a notebook and pen and started making notes. I have found that the longer I am awake, the details seem to drift away. I don’t interpret my dreams; I leave that to Cindy. I know it has something to do with finances, and that part of it was spurred by what I was reading just before I went to sleep. Other than that…?

The Dream: I was somewhere in Kansas and stopped in at a comic book shop. The shop also dealt with comic strip reprints. The fellow behind the counter appeared to be in his mid to late-forties. I said hello to him and asked his name (something I would never do when awake). He told me he was Roy Crane. I said, “THE Roy Crane? The creator of Captain Easy?” He said he was, and I believed him, even though he would have been older than me by a long shot. After all he was gaining a reputation for his comic strips in the 1920’s.

For those who might care, Crane started a strip titled Wash Tubbs in the early  to mid-1920’s. It started out as a gag-a-day strip, but morphed into an adventure strip. Along the way a character named Captain Easy became part of the cast. At some point the title of the strip changed to Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy. By the time I started reading the strip, long after Crane had left to create Buzz Sawyer, the strip was called Captain Easy and Wash was the sidekick. Wikipedia tells me that Crane died in 1977. So much for history, now back to the dream.

I was duly impressed and asked Mr. Crane for his autograph. He seemed to ponder the request and then said he would give me an autograph for $60. I got out my wallet but only had $45 in it. I handed it over to him, and he immediately gave it to a woman who I believe was his wife. She went into the back room of the store. As I was explaining that I didn’t have the other $15 he told me that when I had the full $60 he would give me an autograph. I asked for my original $45 and he pointed out that he no longer had it. For some reason I told him that I would give him my address and he could mail the money to me. He said he would, but I was skeptical. That is when I woke up. What does the dream mean? Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email with your conjecture.