Day 135

Murdock Park

Murdock Park in Lafayette is probably best known for sledding in the winter months. That isn’t the only thing for which it is known.

As a preface, let me tell you that when working I almost always brown bagged my lunch. I also left the work environment when eating my lunch, even if it only meant going to my car to eat. I needed to get away from the daily grind. There were a few exceptions, such as having lunch with friends when being in Indianapolis for training purposes; but normally I would go somewhere to get away.

When I worked at the Lafayette Adult Reading Academy I would occasionally drive over to Murdock Park during periods of good weather, sit in the park and eat my lunch. It was very peaceful. I would eat, look at the beautiful scenery, and listen to music on my MP3 player.

That changed because one day I was telling a friend about my peaceful lunches, and was told that Murdock Park had the reputation as being a hangout for pedophiles due to its proximity to an elementary school. I didn’t know if it was true or not, but I didn’t want anyone questioning my reasons for being there. I still don’t know if it is true, but when I dove through this morning and took this picture I couldn’t help but notice that the only people there were adult males. It gives one pause.


I have spent quite a bit of time indoors sorting through things that I have accumulated over the years. I enjoy doing it because most of the items have memories attached to them. That is why I haven’t discarded them. However, I spend so much time with these items that I haven’t been going outside enough in the beautiful weather we have been having. Consequently, there are things that need doing that I have failed to do. I still need to finish waterproofing the deck, give the grass a cutting, spray the weeds, and balancing the pool chemicals. I think there is time to work on one of those projects yet today, so I had best stop composing and start doing some real work.