Day 134

Not the most awe inspiring photo…and yet

I came across this spot while out on a county road that I don’t recall being on before. It isn’t the best photo I have ever taken, that might have been taken years ago in Colorado, but this image was, in my opinion, worth saving. I won’t be upset if you don’t copy and print it.


I’ve been digging through boxes that are full of things that I have had for years and stored away. Yesterday I opened a shoebox that held many cassette tapes of music that I had recorded over the years. Many of the tapes were labelled and had the song lists in the case. However, an equal number of the tapes were not labelled nor were the contents listed anywhere. This morning I popped one of them in the cassette deck in my car (yes the car is old enough to have both a cassette player and a cd player). The tape is a mix that contains what I would describe as children’s songs because they are either specifically written for children or they are songs that I sang along with when I was young; such as Skip To My Lou and Blue Tailed Fly. Among the artists I recognized were Pete Seeger, Maria Muldaur, The Smothers Brothers, and Doc Watson. There are other artists whose voices I don’t recognize. I honestly don’t remember making this tape. I’m guessing that I made it when either Macey or Mason were very young, over ten years ago. I don’t know why I didn’t give it to whomever I had in mind. Neither do I know why I didn’t label the tape nor write the contents somewhere. Well, the next few days will probably have many more surprises as I listen to these old tapes.