Day 133

It is quiet here on Sunday morning

It is probably quiet here every morning. It goes with the territory, so to speak. I almost posted a picture of a derelict barn, but had the good sense to check older posts, and sure enough I had taken an earlier picture of the barn. I wasn’t sure of that when I took today’s barn photo, probably because I had previously used a shot of the barn taken from a different angle.


I am having a difficult time coming up with a topic, or topics, on which to compose today. Some days there are a number of things that I want to relate, but today…no, not really. I suppose I could put down something about the way I compose, going from a broad topic to specific sentences. The topics I chose are normally something that strikes me as being important on that day, or something I have thought about and have written a few words about in a notebook or have fingered a note to remind me on my cell phone. When I looked at the cell phone this morning, all I saw were topics that will go with a specific picture I plan to take on a day, probably rainy, when I don’t want to go out to find a picture. I have done that before, such as on Day 9, Day 42, and Day 57 to pick out a few. I have four or five more that will be along those lines, but if it is a nice day outside, I’ll be looking for other topics.

I tend to edit myself as I go along. Normally I will draft a paragraph and then check it for spelling errors, though sometimes I forget and the errors slip through. Luckily no one has sent me emails to correct me. When I was younger I would not have been as kind; now I usually let it slide because most people get defensive when you act like the spelling/grammar police. Anyway, when I’m going through the paragraph I try to spot sentences that don’t convey a clear message, and I will rework the sentence . In the past few years I have also started looking for sentences that end in a preposition, and if I find one I try to recast it as well. I’m not sure why I do that, because I don’t watch my speech. At least I haven’t gone old school and tried to eliminate contractions.