Day 129

A sunny day on the street

It isn’t the street on which I live, but it is a street in town. I am impressed by these homes every time I go by them, so I took this picture. The bad news is that I think I should have taken then picture from the other end of the block. I’ll be going back to that part of town in two weeks, so I’ll try it from the other angle. If I like it more, I’ll post that¬†view. If you never see a picture of this street again, you’ll know I made the right decision today.

Last night I watched a television show about the folk music scene in the 1960s. The show was on PBS so there were many breaks for the pledge drive. I would estimate that at least a half an hour was added to the running time due the breaks. But that is OK. Around two-thirds of the show was archival footage of many of the big name groups. That was enjoyable even though some of my favorites weren’t shown. I would have enjoyed seeing footage of Bud & Travis, The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, Joan Baez, and Bob Gibson. But I understand that my personal favorites might be harder to include.

The other one-third of the show had newer footage of some of the personalities from that era. The Chad Mitchell Trio was included, and I must say that I was pleased. I went to one of their concerts when I was a senior in high school. It was the first concert I attended where I paid my own way. I loved it. Paul Prestopino was one of the accompanists on the show last night as well as at the concert I attended in the sixties. More recently he accompanied Peter, Paul & Mary in the two concerts Cindy and I attended.

Also in the more recent footage was Barry McGuire, Jesse Colin Young, and Roger McGuinn. A bit of trivia: Roger McGuinn accompanied the Chad Mitchell Trio before Paul Prestopino and Jacob Ander took over that role. In those days, before he helped form The Byrds, he used the name Jim McGuinn.