Day 128

What the…!?

So, I’m driving past this graveyard and decide that I want to take a photo or three of it and put one in this blog post. Then I notice the fence around the graveyard. And I notice the barbed wire on top of the fence. And I notice that the barbed wire is angled inwards. And I wonder what they are trying to keep in the graveyard. Now, I’ve seen most of the episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and while many of the scenes take place in graveyards, I don’t recall seeing any where the graveyard is surrounded by a fence topped with barbed wire that is angled inwards.  Maybe Lafayette/West Lafayette is sitting on top of a hellmouth all of its own. If so, my guess is that Mackey Arena is sitting on top of it.


Macey had her tonsils removed this morning at the IU Arnett Outpatient Surgical Center this morning. I had to leave for a while to go to a long standing appointment with my primary care physician, but I drove back to the center after that appointment. On my way back I was able to witness a woman in a taupe SUV, a very hairy man on a motorcycle, and a young woman in a red Neon racing each other, weaving in and out of traffic, trying to be the first to reach the next red light. They were stopped at every signal, so I was able to drive the speed limit and keep up with them. Finally they all turned in at the Ivy Tech parking lot. The teachers must really mark down people who are tardy.


 I was reading last night and came across the phrase “Freedom is just the absence of restraint.” I had not heard the phrase before, but when I googled it today I found that it was attributed to quite a few people. I’m surprised that it is a well-worn phrase and that I have not heard it before. I suppose I should read more non-fiction.