Day 127

Marlon checking out the back yard

Marlon is giving the backyard ne last sniff-around, marking his territory again, and making a final deposit before going home later today. I think his eyesight is getting worse because there was a cat in the back yard when I let him out, and while the cat scampered, Marlon seemed oblivious to it. He didn’t even bark. That isn’t a good sign.


I went to my doctor’s office this morning to have some lab work done. Usually I only have to wait a few minutes before they call me back to have my blood drawn, but today there were a number of people waiting. Most of the people were expressing surprise, but nothing else, that they were waiting up to half an hour before being called back. There was one fellow however who seemed to be upset about it. He announced to the room in general that he didn’t have time to waste sitting in the waiting area. After his third identical announcement he and his wife (or significant other) left. A couple of things occurred to me. 1) Who, other than my mother, goes to a doctor’s office and expects to get in on time? 2) This guy looks to be about my age, he has a woman with him who may be driving him around, he didn’t say he had to get to work, and so my guess is he either wants people to think he is important and/or he needs to get to court, the probation office, or a soup kitchen where he is putting in his community service time.


After getting my blood drawn I decided to treat myself to a Sausage McMuffin (no egg). When I was travelling a lot on my job it wasn’t unusual for me to pick one up. They seemed positively addictive. Today, however, it tasted very bland. I realized that McD’s not only left off the egg, but also the cheese. The taste was nowhere near addictive, in fact it tasted a lot like cardboard. I think I’m over them. That’s a good thing.