Day 124

On the Alcoa grounds

I’m impressed by this structure even if I don’t know what it is. Alcoa is one of the manufacturing facilities that hasn’t left Indiana. That is great news for the local, state, and federal economy. See, there is good news out there.

Trina came by last night to drop off Marlon. Yes, we are doggie-sitting once again. However, he isn’t staying with us long this time. He spent his first forty-five minutes or so, after making a trip to the back yard, looking out the living room window, wondering where Trina and Mason had gone. Then he joined me in the family room for a short time, returned to the living room, and then came back exuberantly when Cindy came home from work. He wouldn’t leave her side after that, except when she shut him out of the bathroom. Then he lay down in front of the door to wait for her. He only comes to me when she leaves the house; then he is my pal. Fair weather friend I call it!

What with family visiting us on Wednesday and Diana & Steve coming over yesterday, I seem to have forgotten to give you an update on my foot. On Wednesday morning Dr. Moon took out the last of the stitches at the site of my former toe. He also told me I could stop using the cane, let me ditch the orthopaedic sandal he’d had me wearing and return to my shoe, and removed all weight-bearing restrictions. I feel like a free man! Of course, since I no longer have the Great Left Toe to help protect the next toe (I don’t know what they call that digit) I have to watch that I don’t damage it. I have reached a point in my life when I don’t want to lose any more body parts, internal or external. But then, I’ve always felt that way.