Day 116

Launched Ribbon by Dorothy Gillespie

I am not overly fond of this sculpture, but after thinking it over, I believe I would like it more if it were in another part of the city. It is at an intersection that is almost devoid of trees, and there is a vacant building immediately beside it. I think the sculpture would look better in a park setting. Of course, I think everything would look better in a park setting. Why don’t they move it to Columbian Park? It is just down the street.

It felt really good to go out on my own this morning. It has been at least two weeks since I’ve felt up to doing that. I took enough photos this morning that I had trouble deciding which one to use. I’ll be going out and taking new views of at least a couple of the places so I can use them in this blog at some time. I think I was looking at things with a fresh eye this morning. I may also start carrying a notebook to jot down text ideas for the blog. I used my smart phone to take notes when I was in the hospital, but I felt limited by slowness of using one finger to make notes. Also, I was dependent on my memory to add specific phrases to the text. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so I’m sure I forgot a felicitous phrase or two that I had come up with while lying in bed. What a loss.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and the next. Cindy and I will be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary (if I have the number wrong, I’ll hear about it). I’m planning one surprise, and I hope it comes off. The following weekend is, I think, the Mulberry Fest in Mulberry, Indiana. I believe we will go to it this year. I like the small town festivals in Indiana.

Day 115

A view from my desk chair

Here are two things that spark memories. The calendar has a monthly graphic of wildlife stamps. I collect stamps, but I don’t go out of my way to get the wildlife stamps. My dad, however, liked to collect them. He didn’t have an extensive collection of them, but he was proud of the ones he did have. When he died, they came to me. Looking at those stamps, and this calendar, is a reminder of my dad, a great person.

The tennis racquet hangs on the wall because I haven’t used it, or any other racquet, since I moved to Lafayette. In fact I hadn’t played tennis the last few years I lived in Auburn.  A few of us from the office used to go to one of the parks in Auburn after work on nice days. We would bat the ball around and pretend we knew what we were doing. I used to flip my racquet in the air and catch it before it hit the ground. One day I messed up and the racquet came down across the bridge of my nose. I’m pretty sure I didn’t break anything, but my nose swelled up for a day or so. After that I developed a sinus infection. I go over the infection, but a bout two weeks later another one developed. I got over the second infection and a third came along. This went on sporadically for about three years. I will always remember the suffering the tennis racquet brought me because I was showing off.

Now for the good health news. I saw Dr. Moon this afternoon. He took off the dressing on my foot, well his nurse took it off, and he was pleased with the progress. I had popped a couple of stitches, but he didn’t think that was a problem. While I was there he took out four other stitches and covered the wound with a large band-aid. I don’t have to keep the bulky dressing on my foot anymore. I can wear a regular sock on foot, and while I would like to wear my own shoe, I am stuck with the orthopaedic sandal that I have…at least until I see him again next week. Also, I have graduated from a walker to a cane. That means I can get out more often, and will start taking pictures outside again. All in all, it was a good visit to the doctor.

Day 114

Two album covers

The two album covers are hanging in our living room/music room. The album cover to the right, Moving) by Peter, Paul & Mary, is signed by Peter, Paul & Mary. The one to the left is not signed, but it is one of my favorite albums, Somebody Else’s Troubles by Steve Goodman.

I mentioned in”Day 16″ that Cindy and I had attended two PP&M concerts and loved both of them. The music was exceptional, our seats at the first concert were in a good place at Deer Creek, but I ended up next to a woman who was strange. She wanted to chat while they were singing songs that weren’t on her personal play list. I’m not one to chat with people I don’t know, and I really wanted to hear every song. When PP&M sang the last song for which she had been waiting, I think it was Leaving On A Jet Plane, she got up and left so she would miss the traffic mess in the parking lot. We gladly waited and listened to the rest of the concert.

I find the picture on the Steve Goodman album is an interesting one because of the people in it. I recognized many of the people, specifically John Prine, Jimmy Buffett, Fred Holstein, Nancy Goodman and their daughter Jessie. I’ve read that the other two people are Earl Pionke, owner of The Earl Of Oldtown, and Ed Holstein, brother of Fred. I wish I had an album signed by all of those people, it would be a treasured possession. This album was the first Steve Goodman album I ever bought, and it is still my favorite. When I’m in the mood for Goodman, this is the first album I want to hear. This is one of my top 3 favorite albums.

Day 113

Why would this mother cat and her kittens think they were welcome in our back yard? Where are the hawks when you want them?

I don’t like cats!

While I was watching Morning Joe this morning, they had a segment on about George Romney’s run for the president in 1968 and how it may have affected Mitt’s strategy. The discussion was interesting, but what really drew my attention was the Romney for President ’68 graphic that they showed on the screen. It reminded me of the graphic arts that were around back then. I believe that was when I started paying attention to popular art. I was still in college back then. Much of the graphic art I remember from those days revolved around themes of anti-war, rock ‘n roll, and sex…at least that was what I was looking at.

I remember that there was a Big Ten Magazine that was distributed (for free?) to students on campus. It seems to me that it had an anti-war slant and came out of, I think, Wisconsin University. I may be wrong about the political slant, because I was reading a variety of magazines then. I do know for sure that it carried a column titles “Bridge For Blood.” I remember because I was just starting to learn the game back then. I wish I had held onto, and pulled out the centerfold graphic, from those magazines. It would be a trip to go back through them, especially when I’m in a nostalgic mood like I am today.

Jumping ahead a few years, when I was in the army stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, I was well aware of the graphics art scene there as well. I frequented a poster shop downtown, and bought a number of posters. Sadly, I left a number of them behind, and of the ones I brought back to the states, most have become ripped and destroyed over the years. I still have a poster I took down from a kiosk. The poster was advertising a jazz festival. I wish I had gone.

Day 112

Mason spent the night with us

He likes to sleep on the family room floor, though he used the guest bedroom Friday night. It has been a long time since he spent two consecutive nights with us. His cousin Jordan spent last night with us as well, but he prefers a bed (smart kid). Right now they are in the basement hooking up the Wii to the newly repaired flat screen TV. We’ll be lucky if they come upstairs to eat with us. They are physically young only once. Some of us revert to that stage again later in life, while some never leave it.

Today is one of those days when I want to compose about something, but it is a topic I don’t care to share with people other than Cindy. I do like my privacy. I suppose I need to put it in a document, digital or hand written, and keep it for myself. That way I can look at it in six months and wonder what the big deal was. Perhaps I’ll feel like sharing it then; but chances are I’ll consider it not worth sharing. 

I looked in the mirror a few minutes ago and decided that today I need to shave. I haven’t touched a razor to my face in over a week, and I’m looking pretty scruffy. I don’t shave every day, I’m retired, but it has been a long time since I have gone this long between shaves. I’ll feel better when I clean up.

The last few days I’ve been listening to a lot of folk music and old timey music. It has suited my mood. Today, however, it is a time for a change. Right now I’m listening to Johnny Rivers sing Summer Rain, next on the playlist is America doing Woman Tonight. I’m not sure what is coming after that, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Earlier this afternoon I was listening to Nancy Wilson. I started listening to her when I was in college. I started because she had been voted best female vocalist in the Playboy Jazz Poll. She deserved it. I’ve come to enjoy other female vocalists over the years, Jane Monheit and Diana Krall are two, but Nancy Wilson always catches my attention with her phrasing and arrangements. I’ll be listening for a long time.

Day 111

Cindy and her handsome escort

I wasn’t up to going to Max and Cheryl’s wedding today, so Cindy called on her favorite single guy to be her escort. Ir seems to me that Mason is growing up faster and faster. I dread the time when he will want to spend less time with us, but I know it is coming.

I guess there is still some clean up that I have to do about my stay in the hospital. First: I forgot to mention that on Monday the 14th a young woman came in and did an ultrasound on my left leg to make sure I had no blood clots. I honestly don’t remember if that happened before or after the surgery. I know it was ordered before the MRI, and I know it happened after the MRI, but when??? My memory isn’t as clear as I like to think it normally is.

Neither did I mention having my foot X-rayed, but that seems incidental because the results don’t appear to have figured in any of the various doctor’s decision-making.

Second: the post Day 107 – Updated raised the question of phantom pain but never resolved it in the post. It does exist, but in my case it was more along the lines of phantom discomfort. The evening after my surgery I could “feel” something/someone pinching the upper left corner of my toe, where no upper left corner exists. I haven’t felt that since (the phantom aspirin worked) but under the wrapping I occasionally feel like there is pressure where the toenail used to be. It is strange to get such mixed messages from your brain.

Am I done writing about the hospital? I dunno, I hope so. Adding anything more would be like writing another volume in the Dune saga. Has anyone really read anything beyond the third book? I haven’t. We all craved a fourth Indiana Jones movie, but was anyone satisfied with the movie they made? Some things need to remain finished.

Day 110

The backyard as seen through a screen

I should stop trying to get a good photo shooting through a screen. Getting from the deck to the backyard through a screen door, and then back again, using a walker just seemed too much of a hassle. While I was on the deck, two little children, a girl who looked to be maybe one and half and a boy of about two and a half or three were on the stairs of the neighbor’s deck. The little girl pointed at our pool (it is still covered and not open) and asked, “You go there?” I said I did. The boy asked, “Sharks in there?” I told him no. He looked relieved.

I went to Dr. Moon’s office this morning for a follow-up. He looked at the foot, pronounced it doing well, and re-wrapped it. I question his use of a purple bandage, but perhaps he was trying to get rid of that particular shade. I asked when I could start driving again, and he told me that it would be alright when he took out the stitches and started wearing a shoe on my foot again. He originally planned to take out the stitches next Friday, but his office is closed for the holiday, so it will be sometime the following week. I had hoped for earlier, but will settle for later.

I’ve just about finished updating the Day 105 through Day 108 posts. Anyone interested in reading about what happened during my sojourn at St. E. can find it there. Other people who were there may have different memories, or put different emphasis on the events, but hey, it’s my story. I’ll tell it my way. Finding something to compose after that experience will not be easy.