Day 119

Memorial Presbyterian Church in Dayton, Indiana

Twenty-two years ago on this date, Cindy and I were married in this church. Like today, that was a race day in Indianapolis. We were surprised at the number of people who came to the wedding rather than go to the race, or listen to it on the radio. It was nice to know we were a priority over “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” This evening we are going to have a quiet dinner at Mountain Jack’s, and then home, where Mason will be waiting for us.

Yesterday I watched The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, starring Paul Newman. It was pretty good. Victoria Principal played the part of Maria Elena. It was one of her first movie roles, and her dewy-eyed starlet look really took me in. She has aged well, but when she was young, wow!

There were some other memorable people in the film. I must admit I didn’t recognize Stacy Keach as Bad Bob until I watched the final credits. I did recognize Tab Hunter, Anthny Zerbe, Roddy McDowell, John Huston, Ava Gardner, Ned Beatty and Anthony Perkins. I knew I had seen the actress playing Rose before, but didn’t know who she was until the credits told me it was Jacqueline Bisset. What a cast! I kept thinking that the movie could have been, should have been, better, but I don’t know how I would make it better. I shouldn’t criticize if I don’t have a better idea.

Of course, while I was watching, the song Lily Langtry by The New Christy Minstrels started going through my head. That song was on their Cowboys And Indians album. That was one of my favorite Christy’s albums. I’ve read quite a bit about the group during the early years, and it seems there was a bit of dissension in the ranks. Luckily they were professionals and hid it well enough to make great music.