Day 114

Two album covers

The two album covers are hanging in our living room/music room. The album cover to the right, Moving) by Peter, Paul & Mary, is signed by Peter, Paul & Mary. The one to the left is not signed, but it is one of my favorite albums, Somebody Else’s Troubles by Steve Goodman.

I mentioned in”Day 16″ that Cindy and I had attended two PP&M concerts and loved both of them. The music was exceptional, our seats at the first concert were in a good place at Deer Creek, but I ended up next to a woman who was strange. She wanted to chat while they were singing songs that weren’t on her personal play list. I’m not one to chat with people I don’t know, and I really wanted to hear every song. When PP&M sang the last song for which she had been waiting, I think it was Leaving On A Jet Plane, she got up and left so she would miss the traffic mess in the parking lot. We gladly waited and listened to the rest of the concert.

I find the picture on the Steve Goodman album is an interesting one because of the people in it. I recognized many of the people, specifically John Prine, Jimmy Buffett, Fred Holstein, Nancy Goodman and their daughter Jessie. I’ve read that the other two people are Earl Pionke, owner of The Earl Of Oldtown, and Ed Holstein, brother of Fred. I wish I had an album signed by all of those people, it would be a treasured possession. This album was the first Steve Goodman album I ever bought, and it is still my favorite. When I’m in the mood for Goodman, this is the first album I want to hear. This is one of my top 3 favorite albums.