Day 113

Why would this mother cat and her kittens think they were welcome in our back yard? Where are the hawks when you want them?

I don’t like cats!

While I was watching Morning Joe this morning, they had a segment on about George Romney’s run for the president in 1968 and how it may have affected Mitt’s strategy. The discussion was interesting, but what really drew my attention was the Romney for President ’68 graphic that they showed on the screen. It reminded me of the graphic arts that were around back then. I believe that was when I started paying attention to popular art. I was still in college back then. Much of the graphic art I remember from those days revolved around themes of anti-war, rock ‘n roll, and sex…at least that was what I was looking at.

I remember that there was a Big Ten Magazine that was distributed (for free?) to students on campus. It seems to me that it had an anti-war slant and came out of, I think, Wisconsin University. I may be wrong about the political slant, because I was reading a variety of magazines then. I do know for sure that it carried a column titles “Bridge For Blood.” I remember because I was just starting to learn the game back then. I wish I had held onto, and pulled out the centerfold graphic, from those magazines. It would be a trip to go back through them, especially when I’m in a nostalgic mood like I am today.

Jumping ahead a few years, when I was in the army stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, I was well aware of the graphics art scene there as well. I frequented a poster shop downtown, and bought a number of posters. Sadly, I left a number of them behind, and of the ones I brought back to the states, most have become ripped and destroyed over the years. I still have a poster I took down from a kiosk. The poster was advertising a jazz festival. I wish I had gone.