Day 111

Cindy and her handsome escort

I wasn’t up to going to Max and Cheryl’s wedding today, so Cindy called on her favorite single guy to be her escort. Ir seems to me that Mason is growing up faster and faster. I dread the time when he will want to spend less time with us, but I know it is coming.

I guess there is still some clean up that I have to do about my stay in the hospital. First: I forgot to mention that on Monday the 14th a young woman came in and did an ultrasound on my left leg to make sure I had no blood clots. I honestly don’t remember if that happened before or after the surgery. I know it was ordered before the MRI, and I know it happened after the MRI, but when??? My memory isn’t as clear as I like to think it normally is.

Neither did I mention having my foot X-rayed, but that seems incidental because the results don’t appear to have figured in any of the various doctor’s decision-making.

Second: the post Day 107 – Updated raised the question of phantom pain but never resolved it in the post. It does exist, but in my case it was more along the lines of phantom discomfort. The evening after my surgery I could “feel” something/someone pinching the upper left corner of my toe, where no upper left corner exists. I haven’t felt that since (the phantom aspirin worked) but under the wrapping I occasionally feel like there is pressure where the toenail used to be. It is strange to get such mixed messages from your brain.

Am I done writing about the hospital? I dunno, I hope so. Adding anything more would be like writing another volume in the Dune saga. Has anyone really read anything beyond the third book? I haven’t. We all craved a fourth Indiana Jones movie, but was anyone satisfied with the movie they made? Some things need to remain finished.