Day 110

The backyard as seen through a screen

I should stop trying to get a good photo shooting through a screen. Getting from the deck to the backyard through a screen door, and then back again, using a walker just seemed too much of a hassle. While I was on the deck, two little children, a girl who looked to be maybe one and half and a boy of about two and a half or three were on the stairs of the neighbor’s deck. The little girl pointed at our pool (it is still covered and not open) and asked, “You go there?” I said I did. The boy asked, “Sharks in there?” I told him no. He looked relieved.

I went to Dr. Moon’s office this morning for a follow-up. He looked at the foot, pronounced it doing well, and re-wrapped it. I question his use of a purple bandage, but perhaps he was trying to get rid of that particular shade. I asked when I could start driving again, and he told me that it would be alright when he took out the stitches and started wearing a shoe on my foot again. He originally planned to take out the stitches next Friday, but his office is closed for the holiday, so it will be sometime the following week. I had hoped for earlier, but will settle for later.

I’ve just about finished updating the Day 105 through Day 108 posts. Anyone interested in reading about what happened during my sojourn at St. E. can find it there. Other people who were there may have different memories, or put different emphasis on the events, but hey, it’s my story. I’ll tell it my way. Finding something to compose after that experience will not be easy.