Day 109

Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

This is similar to the photo I posted on Day 24. I took it again today because it felt so good to wake up at home in my own bed. Everyone at the hospital was kind and friendly, even when they thought they should be brusque because the mood should be sombre. Maybe I’m reading too much into their demeanor, or want to give them a pass for having a busy day. Lord knows, they do hard work, and they did good by me.

I’m switching back and forth composing this post and updating the posts I did with my cell phone (Day 105 through Day 108). I’m not sure when I’ll be finished with the updates. I spent more than an hour on Day 105 this morning, working from notes, and incorporating things I remembered as I was sitting at the keyboard. This afternoon I have the added distraction of listening to the Tom Russell album The Long Way Around. I know I don’t have to listen now, but it really is a very good album. Tom Russell is an artist I came to late, but I would rather be late than to have missed him altogether. U.S. Steel is the track playing now. Nobody else writes lyrics like that.


I took a productive break from composing. I arranged a ride to Dr. Moon’s office for tomorrow. It has been nice having a day not seeing a doctor or a pretty young nurse. (Damned pretty young nurses make me feel old!) I found my wallet that went missing a couple of days before I went to the hospital. I also found an audio cd I had borrowed from the library and forgot to return. It was in the living room cd player.

Composing became easier when I switched to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Maybe I should use that type of music more often. I’m done today. If you want to get caught up, I’ve updated Day 105 and Day 106. I’ll work on the other two days tomorrow.