Day 107 – Updated

Another day at the hospital. Maybe a decision on how much longer tomorrow afternoon.


My new look, for now

Today’s post will mainly be about things that I thought about while waiting for tomorrow, and a decision on how long I will be here, arrives.

 Anyone my age who has watched old war or hospital movies has heard about phantom pain. I was curious to see if it was true. But then I wondered that since I have neuropathy, would I experience phantom non-pain, and if I did, how would I know? Jill said I was over thinking it too much. I believe it is more likely I have been listening to and influenced by Arlo Guthrie monologues. You have to pay attention when he talks.

I want to give kudos to the staff here at the hospital. They have been unfailingly kind and caring. They are solicitous whenever using a needle. They always give a warning before sticking it in. They will say things like, “On the count of three, little stick,” or “Pinch coming, now.”  The one that caught my attention, however, was a girl who came to draw a vial of blood at 4 a.m. one morning. Her warning was simply, “Big prick.” I didn’t know if I should take it personally or not. I chose to simply go back to sleep.

At one point this afternoon it felt like there was a revolving door from the hallway to my room. I had been reading Boom! by Tom Brokaw for about an hour an a half, and now wanted to close my eyes and doze. I was just nodding off when the progression of people started. First it was a young woman who came to draw some blood. She left and I was almost asleep when the nurse came in to check my vitals. She left and I had just fallen asleep when a girl came in to ask what I wanted to eat for dinner. When she left I put on my headphones, turned on my MP3 player and closed my eyes. That didn’t stop the hospital chaplain from coming in to see me. She inquired about my health and I assured her that I was feeling much better, and that my spiritual life was sufficient. She gave me a quizzical look but accepted it. I shook her hand and she left after making sure she used an antibacterial hand gel. I think I actually slept for about ten minutes when something woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw Dr. Meyer, the Infectious Diseases specialist. I decided I had better wake up because he would be the one deciding when I could go home. He came over, shone his flashlight into my mouth, and told me he wouldn’t get results on the cultures until tomorrow. He thought, however, that I would probably be able to go home Wednesday afternoon after he saw me. YES!

I know that everyone has heard, or mis-heard, public announcements or pages over an intercom. The one that caught my attention was when I heard, or think I heard, a page for Dr. Hack. A quick google tells me that there is, indeed, a Dr. Hack in Lafayette, and my question is “Why?” Why would you not change your name? He is probably a top-notch gastroenterologist, but I’m just saying that it is not a name to inspire confidence.

Diana & Steve came to visit this evening right after Cindy left. It was good to see them, we hadn’t talked in quite some time. Diana was telling me of some of the trials she has had with her mother and mother-in-law. We talked about her daughter-in-law’s fight with cancer. I talked about…hmmm…it must not have been noteworthy because I’m not sure what I said. Typical. I’m not a great one for conversation. When they left, I felt that I was ending the day on a high note.