Day 103

What the?

This is growing under the tree in our front yard, and I have no idea what it is. A friend ventured a guess that it is a freesia, and I googled images of freesia, but there seems to be a lot of varieties. I’m not sure. Cindy said she planted it last year, but doesn’t know what it is. Plus she said she only planted annuals. It is a mental dilemma. Any ideas?


I punked out on Maely’s Spring Show last night. I didn’t feel well and I didn’t want to try to sit through the show, and then go on to Trina’s for hours of conversation. So I stayed home, sat in my easy chair, turned on a Jackie Chan movie (so I wouldn’t have to think), and sat in a semi-stupor until around 11 p.m. Then I dragged myself up the stairs and went to bed.

While I was feeling sorry for myself, Cindy got to see a really good elementary school show. When it was over she took Mason and went shopping. I have no idea how long they wandered the aisles of wherever they went. When she took Mason home Maely came up to her and asked if it was true that I had high fever. Cindy told her it was true. Maely then asked Cindy if she had gone home to see if I was dead. Straight to the heart of the matter!

I’m cutting this post short today, because I still don’t feel 100%. As Dugout Doug once famously declared, “I shall return.”