Day 101

Capturing an energy source

Despite sleeping well last night, I am fighting to stay awake now. It isn’ that I have worked much today, I haven’t. I cleaned the gutters and moved some branches I cut from a mulberry tree to the curb. That’s it, and now I’m ready for a nap. That isn’t going to happen because Cindy and I are going to the hospital to see her mother in about a half hour. I hope I can finish composing today’s post before then.

I really dislike mulberry trees. They grow in the fence row or up against the house, and in each case it is difficult to cut them out. Forget about killing them. The best we have been able to do is stop their growth for a year or two, but then they come back as strong as ever. When we lived ion Eastland Avenue they grew in the chain link fence row, and it was nigh on to impossible to even cut them out well. Where we are now isn’t too bad, but most of the trees are on property that doesn’t belong to us. About the most I can do is lop off the branches that grow onto our side of the fence. It is a never-ending, never winning cause. It is, at the same time infuriating and depressing. Between the fury and the depression I manage to maintain my sanity, I think.

I watched an episode of I Spy while I ate lunch. I always watch through the credits, because I am never sure whose name will roll past. After seeing credits for Lew Ayres and France Nuyen whom I had recognized, they rolled credits for the smaller parts. Today I caught Leon Lontok’s name. He was credited with playing the part of Man. I’m guessing it was a specific, unidentified man rather than mankind, because I failed to see him while watching the episode. By now you may be asking, “Who the devil is Leon Lontok?” Well he isn’t the devil any more than he is mankind. He did, however, play Henry on Burke’s Law. I liked that show. I wish they would release the second and third season on DVD. I would purchase them.