Day 99

Tulip tree though a window

Also known as a yellow poplar. This isn’t the best photo I’ve used,  but maybe not the worst either. I took this through a window and screen using my cell phone in video mode because trying to take a still photo engaged the flash and that caused more than a flare in the picture. I think this is one of those shots that look better smaller rather than larger. I took it through a second floor window for two reasons, 1) it was raining outside (not inside) and 2) the tree is trimmed such that it is much easier to see the blossoms from up high.


I was wide awake at midnight last night. so I put in a DVD of the Canadian television show Slings & Arrows. I find it funny and entertaining. Paul Gross was one of the stars. You may remember him from Due South, in which he played the Mountie, but that’s a different show. In the first season ofSlings & Arrows, Rachel McAdams was a regular.

While I was watching last night I realized, for the first time, that one of the reasons I like the show is that everything is so well lit. So much television is dark now, and I’m talking about the lighting as well as the story lines. In this show even the scenes that take place in a bar are brightly lit. When do you ever see that on U.S. television. OnSlings & Arrowsall of the scenes, except the few that take place outside at night, look as if they were shot in sunlight. I believe that the way the dialogue is written, as well as the way the scenes are lit, brings a brightness to the script even when discussing serious topics. Of course, that could just be fuzzy thinking on my part.