Day 98

We grow more than corn in Indiana.

Sorry about the pole in the middle of this shot. I would have moved it if I could. I tried panning to the right and left of the pole, but then there would have been gaps in the field of trailers. That wouldn’t have been as esthetically pleasing to my eye. Let’s face it, it is my eye that matters. I take the pictures, I compose the words.

While I’m on the subject of composition, I’m making an effort to be more precise in my language. I know that in the past I’ve used the words ‘write’ and ‘writing’. I am not writing, in that I am not putting pen to paper. I am composing in my mind and transferring the words through the keyboard to electronic 1s and 0s. So I can’t really report that I am typing. Trying to be precise is harder than you might imagine.

I once had a supervisor who would not allow me to use the pronouns ‘they’ or ‘we’. If I said something along the lines of, “They want us to do…,” he would interrupt and say, “Who is they?” If I said, “We want to…,” He would interrupt and say, “Who is we?” Of course I had to stop and explain, each time, that ‘They’ were the people at SIA or his colleagues in the admin office. He would have known that from context of earlier statements I made, but he liked upsetting people, or at least me. Or I would have to explain that ‘We’ were the people who actually did the work, not stupid gits like him. Of course I never called him a stupid git…to his face…he did do my performance evaluations for a while. For any friends who are reading this, I’m talking about the one person about whom I recall Susan Clark had trouble finding a kind word. We know to whom I am referring.